Monday, January 13, 2020


That title may not surprise many of you. But in all fairness this damn card is puzzling to me and I bet to many of you as well.

It doesn't look like a foot protector, at least none I've seen. This is the ordinary base card for Springer. I didn't catch in the flagship set. This bothers me that I have no idea what that thing is.

On a side note. Mark you should be getting your Sanchez today, and I now have the Hicks you needed.  Greg you should be getting the Buehler today, and I have the Yelich base you need now.


  1. Looks like a helmet that's been lost, a helmet that's now upside down and backwards.

  2. I got the cards you sent me too! Thank you very much!

  3. i love this shot! Looks even better with the holiday border!

  4. Got your package yesterday buddy! I actually made a deal with Section 48 for the Hicks, but I appreciate the offer. I'm sure there are plenty of Yankee guys who will gladly take it off your hands :)

    1. I'll keep him, He's a maybe future PC guy and I collect relics too.