Thursday, January 23, 2020

The LAST of the Last Dealer

Fiest off I'm throwing this post out in the morning as I am on my way home for the night and I'm not taking the laptop. I will back tomorrow night.

One of the dumbest things I've done was decide to build the complete Chronicles runs. Not the parallels (but I'll take them especially when they are this cheap), just the base of each of the sets is my goal on the set builds.  Oh MY! This is a very hard task. I still plan on doing it and I made one heck of a dent in the sets.

The Judge on top is a red parallel.

HUGE dent in the Score set from 2019. What is great about MOST of these sets is that they are short sets, like 30 card sets.

These are Prizm parallels.

These are from the base set.

Spectra is one of those HUGE sets (100 cards). Top 2 are obviously parallels and very shiny/sparkly.

Obsidian is another BIG set.

These 3 are parallels.

Status is a set that I'm not a fan of.

Green parallels.

More green parallels.

The Baez is the Diamond parallel and this is the first one I've seen. Other than is says Diamond on the back it looks just like the Astral (gold) on the front like the cards below.

I had to put Acuna for the last card. That is a TOTAL wrap from the Jacksonville card show.
Even though I felt a little buyerws remorse on the box of cards I bought from this guy, I know that I got a good deal. But.......the test is on you.......DEAL  or NO Deal?


  1. Chronicles is a set that I love because of the variety, but I think attempting to build the set would make my head spin.
    FWIW, deal!

  2. I think I'm the only blogger out there who isn't a fan of Chronicles. I mean... the Crusades are always cool... and I own a few of those Obsidians (from a collection I purchased back in September) and they're pretty cool too. But in general, I wouldn't go out of my way to buy this product. Guess that means more for all of you guys.

  3. Enjoy pain, do you Johnny? Overall, I haven't been a Chronicles fan. The Prizm, Classics and Crusades portions however do find their way into my collection.