Tuesday, February 4, 2020

I forgot

I forgot what this year and set was. Someone help. The photo on the back is Tommy John denoting his wins as well. I tried to research it to no avail. Maybe I'm inpatient.

I want to say it is a 4x6, possibly a 3x5.  Somebody let me know, THANKS.

My $4.70 Verlander RC.

The card is perfect, the "marks" are a dirty scanner. I think I'll clean it today (will be done by the time you are reading this).

We have Wacky Wednesday tomorrow but on Thursday I have the last of the Villages card show.
All .25 vintage!


  1. That niekro is from the 1983 topps foldouts set that features active career wins leaders. There was another set that features active batting average leaders.

    1. Thanks! Why did they name it a fold out, it's not creased/folded?

    2. Good eye gcrl! I knew I recognized the small print at the bottom somewhere.

    3. The cards came in a sort of booklet that folded out. Your card was cut out from the booklet. https://www.tradingcarddb.com/ViewCard.cfm/sid/83662/cid/5949820/1983-Topps-Foldouts-1-Career-Wins

  2. nice JV! Black and blue make a sharp color combo.