Monday, January 27, 2020

Caught stealing!

Yes, I'm talking about me. You see......Julie over at A Cracked Bat:Baseball cards and a Hotdog was offering up some cards via her pick her pockets theme. I did. Thank you Julie!

The top row of Braves were all NEEDED Braves, and the rest were just gravy. I didn't even know I needed that Jethroe in my Braves team builds. Must have been the Browns uniform that through me off when building that set. I have no idea how any Dodgers collectors' could let that Kershaw just sit there. Like Clayton, the rest of the above are all PC guys. Truth be told I could pick those pockets another 5/6 times and get me some great cards for my PCs.  You should really go check out what is in her pockets.  Julie's Blog

These two I grabbed and turns out I didn't need them, sorry.


  1. mostly my pockets are fully of dryer lint and loose change. there was the one time when I found some gum I'd forgotten about. it went through the dryer. what a sticky mess! didn't chew well afterwards. John, you can pick anytime. Trade pals have unlimited access to my pockets. ;)

  2. Re: Kershaw

    Cool answer: I have it.
    Not-so-cool answer: I didn't see it.

    Both are true.

  3. Nice picks, lol! Isn't Julie great? I also "picked" her pockets and expect to post about it soon.

  4. I sure love me some Stadium Club. By the way... I still can't find the Freeman relic... but don't worry. I went and bought another one on eBay to fix the issue. I'll send it along with a bunch of other Braves cards I picked up for you.