Sunday, January 19, 2020

The Last Dealer: post 3

You know the backstory so let's get to it.

Triple  Threads. I love finding me some high end product for cheap. Now yes, these were in a dollar box but I knew I wouldn't be paying a buck. Just a reminder twenty cents a piece.

Some 2019 high end Hobby box prices:

Triple Threads: $250 +, Museum $200, Tek $125, Leather & Lumber $150, Finest $150, Tribute $250, Inception $80, Topps Chrome $120, and Chronicles $100.00 You will see lots of these cards.

Twenty cents.

I really like the Blue parallel Museum cards.

The Copper parallels aren't bad either.

A plenty of base too. Koufax, Banks, you name them they're there.

Are you a techie?   How about a TEKy?

Sorry Greg, no can have the PINK Muncy. LOL.  All colors of the rainbow parallels.

Closing today with these three.


  1. Triple Threads, Museum and Tek for pennies on the dollar. I love it!

  2. You could make a killing flipping these on COMC or Sportlots. Great stuff.