Friday, January 31, 2020

A trip back home

Last weekend I went home on Friday and started the clean up of my room. I got just the corner when you walk in and the top of my night stand.

What was on top of the night stand were all stacks of loose cards for my set builds, thousands and thousands of them. I put those in two monster boxes and a shoe box. That was easy, what wasn't easy were the 20 800 count boxes full of unsorted cards for what was my 2nd Franken-Set "Jersey Numbers". I can now officially call it defunct. I started that back in 2013. I posted a lot way back when. I started going through the boxes pulling out cards for set builds, PC's, and for other collectors. The cards above were all pulled from inside those boxes. Well, half of the boxes as I still need to go through 10 more of them next time.

These cards were in there too except for the Beltre RC (got that one from the show). I think I am going to enjoy ripping apart those boxes, and then I get to move on to the "Real RC" boxes about the same number of those 800 count boxes too. I won't be tearing them apart though, just looking through to see who I put in there that now maybe a PC guy.


  1. I have a stack of six 4000 count boxes filled with discarded cards. Every single time I decide to part with them, I make the mistake of peeking inside. I pull out a handful of cards and then it begins...""oh, why is this in here? a cool catcher? multi-bat card?" good luck with the clean up! :)

  2. Ugh. The dreaded sort. Hope you have a better attitude towards the cleanup process than I do. Have fun buddy!