Friday, January 17, 2020

Is Beckett price guide off their rocker?

Okay, as promised a little bitching must take place.

The set in question: 2005 Bowman. Base flagship set.

Fifteen years have passed. Highest valued card in the set is probably the Verlander RC #174 (which I need two of). This card can be had for $14.00. I have no quams with that (not that I'll pay that). The Kemp Rc is second behind Verlander (can be had for a buck), but I have him. ****UPDATE: I JUST BOUGHT A NM VERLANDER FOR $4.70 ON EBAY).  My issue at hand is the nobody 1st year cards of players that more than likely never got their cup of coffee and if they did were not allowed to use the clubhouse pisser.

Why in the hell 15 years later can you not find these cards rotting away in a dime box somewhere waiting for a set builder to come and rescue them. No instead, they are holding out for anywhere between .60 and $2.00 for guys long since done and never heard of for the most part. Those are the ComC prices, not the value set by Beckett. Hell even the Jeter can be had for less than a buck. What is Beckett thinking? They are not short printed. There are plenty of these cards out there. Just look at the quantities available on ComC or over at Cardbarrel. They aren't selling at those prices.

I need 18 of these cards to finish the set. Plus the Verlander.

105, 153, 166, 201, 235, 239, 246, 254, 274, 278, 286, 291, 300, 310, 312, 313, 319, 324.

Things like this just irks me to no end. Makes me want to rip apart all of (100%) of my set builds, those I've finished and those that undoubtedly will take the rest of my life to complete. This would pull thousands and thousands of dollars from the hobby the industry as a whole.  And I am just one collector.  What is Beckett thinking?.......At best list those cards at a dime. Then all will be well. Literally, if there was ever a time to get the card manufacturers , MLB, and Beckett in line it is now. 

With all that the MLB is experiencing it wouldn't take too much of an effort for the collector's and fans to raise enough hell to make the above mentioned companies take notice (not that they would or will do anything). What can I say, I had to vent. My .02 cents which is all I feel any of those cards are worth. BTW, if you have any of them, let's trade. I promise to return an equal nobody from over a decade ago.



  1. AH Beckett. They gave up collecting information on older sets years ago. If it isn't a hot product, rookie phenom or star rookies - who cares? Even then, they pull pricing out of their - er - hat. I've never purchased much Bowman but surely one of our good peeps around here has a stash?

  2. Beckett pricing is irrelevant now. I am honestly surprised they still print the price guides. Vintage I can see sticking around as those prices don't change very often.

    I usually go to as a last resort to fill sets. Too many sellers jack up a card price to try to create scarcity.

    1. It is my last resort as well. 2nd to last is card barrel, but their prices on those same cards are about the same. I just don't get it, why?????

  3. I was just looking at Sportlots, and it looks like sellers there are selling many of the cards you are looking for at $.18 each (but no Verlander), so that might be a reasonable alternative.

    1. I picked up the Verlander. I'll check Sportlots for the rest. Thanks

  4. Beckett is a joke. Ancient publication.

  5. Thanks to the ever increasing fees, folks on COMC can't price things like this too cheap, otherwise they'd be losing money. Of course COMC has let it be known that things like this aren't in their future business model, so in another year or two you (and everyone else) probably won't even have to bother checking the site for these kinds of set finishers. Sportlots can be a good source for these kinds of cards, but a lot of their sellers don't seem to understand condition definitions, so it can be a real crapshoot when ordering from that site.

  6. I just pay 18¢ for commons over at Sportlots yesterday... which made me want to poke myself in the eyes... but I was limited in my choices. I could...

    A. Give up the set builds
    B. Pay 18¢ for singles
    C. Continue to let the incomplete sets clutter my desk

    As for Beckett... the only time I bother looking at their price guides is for entertainment purposes. I was actually killing some time at B&N yesterday, while my friend was looking for teacher books... and I sat down and browsed a Baseball Beckett. And yeah... I ended up looking up some values ;)

  7. I've placed a few SportLots orders over the years, and just did two this weekend. The biggest problem there is finding ONE seller with all of the needs, that way you're not paying multiple shipping costs.

    I really could start my own site with the volume of unwanted cards that I have. I could easily get my hands on millions and millions of cards. One "buddy" wants me to buy 3,000 count boxes of 2000-2019 cards at $20-25.00 each. He is bringing 20 of those boxes to the show this weekend (he has 200). I told him, I'd browse them, but no promises on buying them.

  8. I will have to look through those Bowman cards. I probably have a few that you need. Purchased a good amount of packs of ‘05 Bowman back in 2005.
    I agree that Topps, MLB, and Beckett need to get in line. Less parallels, less online exclusives, one set from each company that is less than a buck per pack, less high end, a different rookie program and not so many rookies crammed down our throats, accountability with player selection, coallation of cards in packs, and # of cards per team per set (not so many $&@ Yankees and more Rays!), and finally, give the license back to Upper Deck and Donruss do we can have a little friendly competition and better quality. Enough with my rant.