Saturday, January 18, 2020

The Last Dealer....

By far, my biggest expense from the Jacksonville card show came from the first table I was sitting at. The table belonged to my favorite dealer from any show, Fred. However, these cards were not his. He brought them up for a friend. There were 6-8 dollar boxes (3000 ct boxes). I spent 3 hours combing every single card. So yeah 20-25K cards in a few hours pretty damn quick if you ask me. With my back the way it is I did break half way through. I sped through the football and basketball ( I did pull all of the PINK basketball cards though).

I will have to break up the cards in a few posts (okay maybe 5-6 posts) so as to not overwhelm with the volume. I knew Fred would talk the guy down for me on the price. They weren't in top loaders but those pain in the ass thin harder plastic things, oh I hate those. Even with my "discount" I didn't get a "DEAL" on a lot of the cards that I pulled, but some I got a SUPER DEAL on. You'll have to decide for yourselves whether or not it is a Deal or NO Deal. In the end I paid about twenty cents a piece for the cards.

So let's start this thing off.

The pain in the ass protectors that EVERY card had to be removed from.

Ronald Acuna Jr.. Yeah, DEAL on this group no doubt.

I would have to say DEAL here too.

Parallels. The Holiday Freeman is the Metallic Snowflake. Inciarte is the Rainbow foil.  Gold in the middle, and Refractors on the bottom. I'd say DEAL again. They are Braves and I needed every single one of the cards posted as well (above & below).

Silver pack cards and Anniversary, and never go wrong with Hank Aaron inserts. Now a few cards that I pulled for others, just a few though.

Gavin gets Paulino, but I have to decide about the two Torrens parallels. The TCDB battle between Gavin, AJ, and Kenny.

Here is why Gavin gets the Paulino.  Back to ME cards......

These are the 2019 Diamond Kings.....Diamond Kings set (1919 series). I love them, now I have to get the rest of the 15 card insert set. I probably should have scanned the backs.  DEAL.

Twenty cents.   DEAL  DEAL   DEAL.

Popular up & comers currently sitting in my FUTURE pc boxes except for players like SOTO, he's already in the PC.

Ice Ice Ice baby!

Shiny, Shiny, Shiny.

I've been showing just some of the cards from each brand/set.

Yeah, I think five for a buck is a DEAL, at least for these young studs.


Base cards, but every bit worth a couple of dimes.

Yes, dupes of Yelich. It happens when you on a roll combing through thousands of cards in a short time. I think this is a good stopping point for today.

Well????? DEAL OR NO DEAL?


  1. Replies
    1. I have to figure out a fun way to see which 2 of you 3 get the cards and which cards.

    2. FYI, I'm sitting in a comfortable tie for 3rd place in the TCDB battle just by posting the Torrens cards Kenny has sent me. So, um, yeah, if he ever lists his I'm pretty sure he'll find his name at the top. LOL
      BTW, one heckuva deal! Can't wait to see more.

  2. Wow, three hours. Never done that, but I can imagine it DID go by fast.

    I agree, I despise those card savers. Deathly scared I'm going to ruin a card.

    1. Damn things tear my cuticles up and causes hang nails.

    2. I was just going to say... I've received a few cuts on my cuticles from those card savers.

  3. I don't mind the larger of those plastic sleeves. But the smaller can go jump in a lake.

  4. Deal,Johnny,deal! The Price is Right has nothing on ya!

  5. Love the 2019 Diamond Kings set (1919 series) and many others you show here - thanks for the heads-up! Bill