Friday, January 31, 2020

My buddy Bob

Late last year, I think September I attended the Villages card show, and picked up some Pokemon binders for my buddy Bob for $40.00. I also picked up a huge stack of stuff for $10.00. I traded this stuff to Bob. I grabbed some items to cover about half on that visit. So this past visit, I stopped in the flea market where he sets up and grabbed the other half.

I grabbed this 1986 complete set.

This complete set too.

As I posted about the card show at the Villages this go around. I seen 3 (three) of these cards for sale Offerman $2.00, Avery $2.00, and sosa $3.00. I walked away. Glad I did because Bob had a $7.00 sticker on the complete set which I grabbed up to be included in my gets this time.

Plus all of these The Bakersfield was the complete set which had a $20.00 sticker on the set. The Glavine had a $15.00. I guess the Mantle was just a freebie :).


  1. Nice pick-ups. It seems minor league cards from the 80's have really gained popularity recently.

  2. Nice Glavine! Gotta love those 90's SC 1st Day Issues. And that Baseball America set is cool too. Lots of big names.