Thursday, January 9, 2020

The Jacksonville trip: 2nd purchase

I showed off the items picked up from my favorite dealer the last time. Fred didn't have as much of his stuff out this time, but he did have 6 or 7 3200 count boxes from a buddy dealer of his from the Deland Area. They were all dollar boxes, and that is all I am saying for now. That purchase will be covered over many many, many posts to wrap this trip up. I also mentioned about buying from 2 guys because I felt bad for them. I'll show the guy that had a table next to Fred tonight. I spent 3 hours at Fred's table (because of those dollar boxes). The entire time the guy next to him, and a couple of people look and walk away. He didn't have much out. A cardboard box with a homemade divider in the center with $1.00 items. The other box was a shoe box with dime cards.

The 4 oddballs came out of the dime box.

Dime box.

I grabbed up these so make up the $2.00 change I would have gotten back for the $8.00 I spent in the dollar box. (So, I spent an even $10.00).

He had two of these Front Row Roy Campanella sets ( I grabbed both).

He only had 1 of these Pee Wee Reese Front Row sets.

This is isn't your everyday Star set. They are hard thick and glossy. Nicely made cards. He had 2 of these sets and I grabbed both of them. One set for my PC, and one set minus 2 cards for that Giants collector. I pulled out the bubble gum and signing cards for my mini collections, sorry Adam.

These were singles. I know I overpaid for the Gold Aaron which I didn't need at all.

 I was good with the Elway and Gwynn cards. see that header card don't you?

Yep, a Mother's Cookies set, but just this one set.

I pulled out my PC guys, and put the rest with Adam's cards. BTW Adam if you're reading this I have that box half way filled now.

So, I have to ask I spent $10.00 on everything you see plus the 2 extra sets..... Deal or No Deal?


  1. Three hours at one table? My body couldn't handle that anymore. I'd say you got a deal with that. The Mother's Cookies set and the Gwynn is easily worth the $10. Everything else is gravy.

  2. 1996 Gold Medallions are some of my favorites. You did well for $10!

  3. Those are some great cards for $10.

  4. Good deal. Early '80s tradeds for a dime each.

  5. Just want to say that I love that you supported a couple sellers who were having a tough time. I'll sometimes do the same just in the spirit of the hobby. Great cards!

    1. I'm pretty sure he (the guy above) wasn't a dealer, but a collector needing funds desperately. I felt bad for him. For what he paid for the table, and what he brought....just didn't make sense. I had to help besides I got some good cards.

    2. I second Shane's sentiments. I've seen this sort of thing before as well, and have made a few pity purchases, but when no one else is buying from them, I don't know how much good my couple of bucks spent is really doing for them.

  6. Mother of all cookies! What a nice set!