Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Jax trip: Dealer 5

Daryl is my 2nd favorite dealer at the Jacksonville card show. He really wasn't the 5th dealer I bought from this time, he was the 2nd. Fred and Daryl were always my first two stops, and quite often that pretty much made up 90% of all purchases in the past.

As per his usual Daryl had quarter monster boxes out, which I always wind up bringing one home. I did this time too. I hit up his relic/auto cards hard this time. At least for me. Again as per his usual they are listed as $5.00 each buy 2 get one free, which means they are $3.33 each in reality.

First up are some of the quarter box cards.

A lot of buybacks in the box I brought home, and I wouldn't be surprised if I didn't leave some behind.

Diamond Kings.

Braves pulled from the box.  So the box was a 3000 ct box, and 2 rows were full and a part of another, so roughly 2K cards give or take a hundred. Price= $20.00.

Deal or No Deal? 

Now for the relic/auto cards at 3 for $10.00

Now for the non Braves.

Gwynn's,  Bogey's, Kershaw, and Niekro.  Plus all of the other PC guys at $3.33 each.

I came up needing 1 more card to make it 27 cards.

I grabbed this one, not a PC guy, not for a set build (I'll have to recheck that), but hey it's low numbered, auto'd and a huge letter relic. Why not, I do collect bb autos and relics.

$3.33 a piece:  Deal or No Deal?


  1. Deal all around! You know how to "card show." These have been great posts!

  2. No way I could say "no deal" to that $3.33 Heritage Gwynn. That thing is fantastic! And the 25¢ Curt Flood buyback is sweet too.

  3. I'd take that deal all day every day and twice on Sundays! You nabbed a lot of great cards!

  4. $20 for a 3,000 count quarter box is amazing.