Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Wacky Wednesday

Hump day. All of the cards you see here may not be "wacky" but something about each card caught my eye. (In case you were wondering).

Great card for Nick to have in his "mini" collection. And I'm pretty sure I put this one or one like it in a "package" recently sent to him.

This just strikes me as weird (too staged), not that it couldn't fit into Mr. PWE "mini" collection, and whenever I get Jeff's "package" out to him, he can decide.

Just a water cooler.....on the field..... not in the dugout........  Maybe it was extra special hot that day. After all it is a lot hotter on the diamond than not.

This one actually fits in one of my "mini" collections I call "odds n ends" or better yet "balls & stuff".
Surf board being stuff. I keep this one with the baseball cards with footballs on them, and other balls too. Bip's Sombrero cards are in that binder too.

I had a bunch of these misprints from 1996 Topps. I forget whose "package" I put some in though.

FLASHBACK.... Come on Mike, you shouldn't horse around with the Super Star. Don't you remember what George Steinbrenner did to Goose (a player he liked..... a lot) for hurting Mattingly by horsing around. We all know that Marg is meaner than Geroge, JK. Crap that made me laugh, Marg owned the Reds!

This one definitely fits the "Wacky" category.

Just a throwback.

A horizontal piece of education.


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  1. Cool cards. I think I need to send Flannery his 88F card and see if he'll sign it for me. It'd make a great addition to my Surfer PC.