Thursday, February 11, 2016

Laughing at the Left Coast

Adam (Arpsmith) sent me an interesting PWE. Of course I knew it was coming and what was inside, but what was inside is still interesting. Awhile back Adam posted some 1981 Topps Thirst comics (although they are not really comics. Facts) and offered them up. There were multiple sports available. I made a comment on his post about the baseball ones, and after a little time went by he still had them and asked if I was interested in them. Of Course! Well, I got them today along with a few cards from my want list (I already marked these off as I knew they were coming too).

These are really neat. I can't believe no one else wanted these. All but 4 of these oddballs are PC guys of mine. Shucks.... ding  ding   ding....I win. Thanks Adam, I still need to get 1 and 1/2 stacks to fill a 2nd box that will be heading west in the near future (the Left Coast).

Down to just the Andruw Jones #32 on the 2001 Ovation (not counting the SPs). Down to just 3 more cards from the 1993 Ultra set. I asked for and received 2 of the Piazza's as I wanted one for the PC. thanks Adam.

I may hit the flea market tomorrow, hopefully.


  1. Glad they arrived safely. Good luck finishing out the sets.

    1. Thanks for the assist. I am working really hard to get a bunch done.