Thursday, February 18, 2016

The day after President's Day and another RECOUNT in FLORIDA

Well, obviously I won't be showing everything today, for that matter I won't be showing everything period. After all, I wound up coming home with apx. 6,000 cards. Let me say the 2 boxes that were thrown in at the end of me dealing with dealer #3 had hardly any baseball. One box was pretty much all Hockey in top loaders so not really 3000 cards, more like 1500ish. the 2nd box was 95% football, granted 95% of them were Rookies and they will be going to my buddy Bob, for the most part. So, if your a Hockey fan and live in the US (lower 48), please let me know.

I decided to show the cards that I am showing in the order which they were purchased, sort of.

Here are my dealer 1 wax packs I mentioned the other day. I was wrong on the count though.
19 packs of 2010 Topps Attax, 5 packs of 1991 Fleer (got 1 need), and 1 pack of 1993 Fleer series 1 (didn't need any).

The one and only card from the 5 packs of 1991 Fleer that I needed. So, in essence these 5 packs cost me a buck meaning I paid a dollar for that Clemens.

Now on to the Attax:

Don't really get the game, but the packs come with 1 foil card each and 5 base cards. There is a gold foil parallel at the odds of 1:5 packs. First pack netted me 2 Braves.

Pack 2:

Foil keeper.

Pack 3:

No keepers.

Pack 4:

No keepers.

Pack 5:

That Kershaw is definitely a keeper, maybe the Braun too.

Pack 6:

Kershaw base and Pedroia foil keepers.

Pack 7:

Ichiro and Pujols keepers.

Pack 8:

Kemp is a keeper.

Pack 9:

A dupe of Ichiro (use it as a back up).

Pack 10:

No keepers.

Pack 11:

Arod and Lincecum keepers.

Pack 12:

Another Arod (back up) and Mariano foil keeper.

Pack 13:

Another Brave. Turns out I needed all 3 of the Braves I got.

Pack 14:

Back up for Lincecum and Pedroia base, and a Birthday Binder foil hit with Beckham.

Pack 15:

No keepers.

Pack 16:

No keepers.

Pack 17:

Verlander keeper.

Pack 18:

Already put that Cutch in your stack BWTP!

Last pack:

No keepers and not a single Gold foil in 19 packs. Huh, odds my arse! LOL.
Well, it was kind of like ripping a box. 25 packs for $5.00 is a cheap way to scratch an itch for sure. I will say that it doesn't cure it! One thing I did notice about the Attax was the correlation wasn't bad, and although it looks like there are 3 Prince Fielder cards above, one of them has different numbers in the balls.  I had fun.


  1. Any Blackhawks in that box that need a new home?

    1. There were a handful, and those are already in your box! lol.