Sunday, February 21, 2016

Dealer 3: A little of Everything

Might as well move right on to the cards. Tonight's show are cards that I "Nicked" from dealer 3 that fit into one of my "mini collections".

The Famous Names binder. I really need to reorganize that binder and do a post, it has been a couple of years.  All 4 of the above cards have a BASEBALL player with the same/similar name.

Any  guess which Binder these go into?

Miller Binder. That's a Reggie Rookie. Even though it is creased still a nice grab for less than a penny, don't ya think?

Bucs Binder.
 I'm sure I have the base of this card, probably have this preview too. Oh well, this binder isn't organized.

Another parallel of the card. Reserve.

That first Dunn Rookie (Gold Leaf) is a cool card.

The center card (Sapp), WOW!

A few 70s Buccos. Tell me now, how could you not root for Mike Alstott. He made watching the Bucs worthwhile. One tough hombre.

I didn't keep these, but just showing what type of cards that one box that was full of Rookie Football contained. I did take that box to buddy Bob (another post-down the road).

I wasn't sure if I had 3 of these Elways, but sure enough I had all five already.

Some Rookie Cup action, and the ones that I already had (2011s) were needed for the flagship set builds.

DK action.  Turned out that I only needed the Sosa and Bagwell (bottom) for that Binder.

Not quite the same as a DefGav Christmas card, but it works for me.

I had such as crush on Pam Dawber growing up. Girl next door kind a girl with a sense of humor.

Rocky, Happy Days, and a BRAILLE card of Dale Earnhardt Sr.

A couple of Archives Reserve Football. The front of the Earnhardt braille card (available). I have no idea where the card front view of that vintage Mel Gray card went.

That wraps up the "mini" collections cards, or at least the ones I scanned. Not bad for .0095 cents each! Even though I seriously did not want to spend a dime at this show (I wanted to go to the one in Tampa this weekend- maybe next month), with a week gone by I'm feeling pretty good about "Nicking" my way through this guys (Dealer 3- David) boxes.


  1. Lots of great stuff. I currently have a losing bid out on that Sapp Hawaiian card. It's awesome. It's at 28 cents right now.

  2. Were these from Lakeland? I was only to spend about 45 mins at the Tampa show today, workkkk

    I like that YA Tittle card

    1. No, Market of Marion card show. I won't be going down to Lakeland anymore. That same dealer does the Tampa show each month, closer for me. Tittle is now in your stack!

  3. I too had a huge crush on Pam. As for the cards... that Reggie Miller rookie for less than a penny is the deal of the year.