Monday, February 15, 2016

President's Day

I don't have a lot of Presidential cards. I do like them though, so much I considered making a custom set myself. Alas, I have NOT the talent of Mr. DefGav nor do I have any inkling of an idea of how to custom make a card at all. I still have those photos I scanned front and back. I swiped them from a place mat. LOL. Here is one of those.

What is great about those as they come already numbered, at least as far as which President they were. I was figuring a variation photo would work for the 2 term'ers.

Now on to the real cards I own.

I  usually grab them up when I see them in a dime box (not often). Typically, I see them priced around $2.00 (and selling for buck). I'd rather spend $2.00 on actual baseball cards.

No, I'm not an Obama or 'Bama fan either, but when you find them in a monster box you already own, well you keep them, right?

I used to have (and probably still do) the Decision 1992 set.
I think out of all of the cards above I like the Reagan best.


  1. I think I like the FDR Chicle the most. Your placemat Washington has some really weirld eyes. Speaking of weird, my first thought was John Belushi.

  2. I like the Ronald Reagan Opening Day card, I might have to look for that one. I totally forgot about the Decision 1992 cards while preparing for my blog tonight. But I don't own any of the cards, so it wouldn't have mattered.

    Nice collection though.

  3. Presidential trading cards are cool. I'll pick them up whenever I find them on the cheap... especially if they feature President Reagan.