Friday, February 26, 2016

Dealer 3 : Final card and the 5 cards from Dealer 4

Last card from Dealer 3 (Eddie). Now I only need one last card to complete my 1985 Topps set #401 Mark McGwire. Now I did get 2 large boxes of cards 1 Hockey and 1 Football which I traded the football to my buddy Bob and will show those cards next week.

Eddie is opening up a "brick and mortar" shop in Jacksonville (2 hrs each way) next week, and I am hoping to go the Grand Opening, we'll see.

I spent so much of the day with dealer 3 that I didn't have time (or money) for Dealer 4. I quickly scanned his cards pulled 5 cards for buck each.

This one was for the set build as I already had one in the Braves team sets.

No, you're not seeing double by mistake. I needed these guys for both the Team set and set builds.
Visited this dealer (Jake, an elderly man) today when I swung by the flea market and grabbed a few more 50s cards from him, that too will be a different post.

Have a great weekend.


  1. I've got 4 of the '85 McGwire cards if you want to trade for one.

    1. What would you be wanting in trade? Is the 401 in decent shape?

  2. I've got one PSA 6 and three ungraded - at least one of which is in good shape. Email me at joshbob/../gmail