Friday, February 5, 2016

Franken Friday

It has been awhile since I last posted this theme. In all honesty.....The Jersey Numbers has bored me a bit (sorry). It was very fun pulling the cards, but posting them,eh. besides I only scanned the first 2 pages/near pages way back when. there are SO Many other players, better players that should have graced those 2 front pages. I have filled 3 4" binders 4 or more pages per # for the majority. Anyways, I have secretly stored away 4 other Frankensets to use in the future, maybe next year, maybe before the year ends. I still haven't paged those up, just separated, stacked, and somewhat listed in excel.

With that update/explanation out of the way. here are the next 2 pages from the Jersey # Binder.

This first page is obviously highlighted by the Musial and Kaline.

Maybe I should've of put one of the HOfers on this page, center card for each. AS my interest with this set dwindled I stopped pulling cards and setting cards aside, unless they were HIGH #d jerseys or the 0 or 00. Those still tend to put a little vigor in me. I think I will continue to show this particular FrankenSet, but limit it to 1 post every month or two. Maybe use it as a fill in when I need a break.

Have an AWESOME weekend!

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