Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Bubble Gum cards, mine mine mine

Okay so maybe I only have 111 of them. But my Bubble Gum binder is my favorite "mini" collection. I have no idea when the last time I posted them which I believe was the only time I posted them. Either way, they are here now!

Funny this is the card that started it all for me, and it isn't even bubble gum. It is a balloon, but it was enough.  No worries there are more Griffey's with actual gum.

Big bubbles, little bubbles, stick of gum, and even Mr. Parker there showing us his ABC gum. Best part is there's a Brave!

Yippee a pair of Braves, and the 2nd appearance for Mr. Parker. A lot of players will appear several times.

There's a Jr. Notice the 1993 Cracker Jack cards with there matching Flagship? There's room to add the Topps micro with them too.

Ah ha, another Brave, good for me.Nice center piece oddball of 2 HOFers. We shall see Frank a few more times.

There's 2 more of Frank, and a pair of Bags.

Perfection, PC guys (HOFers), vintage, yeah..... Now Park has some really pink gum, maybe red. You reckon it is strawberry?  The Sportflix card there in the center has a pretty neat motion effect.

You get to see the bubble pop.

Some horizontal BG's.
Another Frank, a Rickey, a Michael, and a really big bubble.

A double dipper, signing and gum.

You can even find bubble gum on the backs of cards.

Yes, that is a football card. Because I really don't collect football (other than Bucs), I don't find too many with bubble gum. That Ryan is a home run (Ryan, HOFer, signing, and bubble gum).

Wow, what a lineup. I like the way Helton & Castilla are facing off..  A bubble off.

Dominated by Upper Deck.

Well, that's all of my Bubble Gum cards. If you have any sports cards (any) that are NOT in this post, let's trade.


  1. 2016 Topps Opening Day is going to have Bubble Trouble inserts featuring players blowing bubbles with bubble gum. Seems right in your wheelhouse.

    1. Thanks, I didn't know that. March 16 release date, can't wait.
      Everyone send me yours, lol.

  2. This is the best Frankenset idea I've seen so far!

    1. I don't even count this collection as a Franken-Set. Just a mini. But when there gets to be 1000 or so different cards in it, it is a possibility.

  3. Great post! Love the bubble gum cards!

  4. Wow. Never realized there were so many cards featuring bubble gum. Very very cool.

    1. I'd bet there are hundreds more. I wish I could get my hands on a checklist for them. I'm looking forward to the Opening Day inserts.