Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Dealer 3: Set Build cards. (With a lot of Heritage love) Part 1

Not too much to say here. I am working on SO MANY sets, it is easy hitting them while "Nicking" my way through a box.

Throwing these out (not literally) to start the post. I didn't need either of them, but how could I not take a Raines Rookie and second year Gwynns (for less than a penny)? Do you remember that I showed one I paid .50 for with Dealer 1 at this show?

I do believe that 1993 SP Piazza has a "Braves in the Background" card. But, I'm not totally convinced. It looks like it could be Jeff Blauser.

Getting some penny vintage cards for those set builds. I'm going to have to land another one of those NY Mets team cards. Joe Frazier as the manager, (boxer Joe Frazier) could be paired up in my "Famous Names" binder.

That Brett is pretty best up. But no way was I leaving it the box.

Being that I don't really have any quantity of Heritage, I decided to scoop these bad boys up. Of course I strategically placed the Brave in the middle for you.

There was quite a few of the 2012 Heritage, and I grabbed them all.

Do you blame me? Would you grab the Heritage, even if you thought it would be a dime a piece?

If not the Heritage, how about Archives?

I think this is a good stopping point for PART 1 of the Set Builds.

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  1. I got that Piazza in the mail today. I definitely thought that was a Brave sliding in.