Thursday, February 18, 2016

Card Show: Dealer 1: The $1.00 box.

Eddie, dealer one had a dollar box of cards out and said if I bought ten or more they'd only be .50. He said " everything in there was at least $4.00".  So I immediately started digging, my down fall. It didn't take too long to realize that there was no way some of these cards were worth rather book at $4.00. It was just one 3000 ct. box, so I figured I dig my way through it anyways and pulled 32 cards. 

There is proof that "every" card wasn't booking at $4.00. I'm sure in 1993 that Gant might have booked at the $1.50, but not today.  The Spahn I was very happy to pull out.

Second year Tony Gwynn cards, sure.  Remember that Topps and BTW it only books for $2.50, the Fleer on the other hand books at $6.00.  Still for .50 I wasn't too worried or so I thought.

One for the Miller collection, a vintage, and 2 Topps Archives Reserves (2001). I am building both 2001 and 2002 of the Reserves. Very happy with 3 of these 4.

3 Mike Trout, seeings I had been trading away all of my Trout's I decided this would be a good time to get some for myself to KEEP. At .50, I was pleased. I only grabbed that E-Topps Rangers I've never actually held one and it looks really cool. But it is not a keeper.

The 2 Frank Thomas cards and the Hodges cards are keepers. The Loney mini is packed up already for NO.

Pleased with these 4. All keepers.

HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAH.  Yeah, right that's an $8.00 Bonds. I grabbed it anyways.

The Gold (NON-winner) version would have been an $8.00 card, this one $1.50 and I paid .50 to get it. I feel shamed.

Well, that's the 32 cards from the first dealer table I stopped at. Don't get me wrong although I feel I came out on the short  end overall, it was indeed my own fault and I had fun with the $5.00 wax packs. I should have stayed with all of the awesomeness he had in cases!!!! Wow!!!! I do however, like the vendor Eddie. I won't be seeing him at any more card shows as he is opening up a brick and mortar store in Jacksonville (2.5 hrs) from here. Lots of Bridges though, and I don't like them. I'm sure in time I will visit a few times and try to build the relationship I have with Bob.

Speaking of Bob, my buddy who shamelessly confronted me spending money with another dealer and I had 2 1985 Sets on hold with him, which he had at the show. OUCH!!! For a show I hadn't planned on dropping any cash, there went $50 down and out fast. $20 to dealer 1, and $30 to my buddy Bob for a MINT set of 1985 Fleer, and an opened but still sealed set of 1985 Donruss ($15.00 each). I can't show you the 2 key cards for the Donruss just yet and they are still sealed, but I can show you the Fleer.

That's just dirty top loaders. The cards are clean and crisp!  2 more sets I was working on done, kaboom. Need to go through the old boxes and pull the PC guys out next and move the rest to the dupes boxes.

I have superseded my goal of finishing off 12 base sets this year. Those 2 made 10 & 11, and yesterday's mail blasted 2 more out of the ballpark. I may wind up doubling that initial goal. But, I was working on a hundred or so sets... 

Next we start the VERY long journey through the third dealer at the show. In fact, all but the very last post of this "Card Show" series will be from that vendor. The 4th and last vendor I got to (and last post) will only be 5 cards and there is a reason they are last!


  1. If you would have approached me 25 years ago and told me that in the year 2016... you would be able to buy the 1985 Donruss and Fleer sets for $15 each, I would have laughed in your face. Oh has the market changed.

    Congratulations on the great deals!

    1. That's what a 20 year relationship will get you. He was asking $30.00 each for most people (but I know him, he'd have taken $25.00 each. After all, they still book for at least $50 each.