Sunday, February 28, 2016

A trade post

Back on February 16th, I mailed off one of those Mets Davey Johnson Signed team issued postcards I picked up at that last card show. Low and behold, the mail ran late that day, I was home when she came by  (after 5pm) and picked up the mail. What she put in my mailbox was a package from the very guy I was mailing the auto to. No Hit as we refer to him on OCT, and part of his email address as well: Don Roth.had mailed me some goodies too.

I had forgotten that Ole No Hit put on the waivers some of his Extras (Brooklyn Dodgers)

The Joe Black and Babe Herman are going into the Famous names binders.

A few autos came my way, and I'm pretty sure I got the better end of the auto/s.

I had to look this card up. It isn't a set that I am going to build, so I started a new stack for NOC (I just mailed off a couple of cards to him). Great looking card to start a new stack with, don't ya think?

Archives (3 above), plus an Action Packed

Two for set builds.

PC guy.


More huge vintage cards for me. I can't wait until I have enough 50s and 60s to list a want/needs page! I only wish that when I got that monster box of vintage I knew that I would wind up building those sets. I've traded most of them away over the last 3 years. OUCH. MY BAD, SHAME ON ME. No, that's not true because I always got something in trade that I wanted too. Well, maybe one time I wasn't excited about the return.

These are the super sized versions from 1997.  SWEET.

Don also included a rack pack of 1991 Topps ( I ripped them soon as I scanned them) I didn't get the one single card I need, BOBBY COX a Braves card, go figure! Finishing off the package was these HOF plaque cards, so cool.

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