Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Trade Me Tuesday

UPDATED: All 10 of the originals are still here. Surely somebody can come up with a card/insert or two from my want lists........

REFRESHER:  #1 Pick a scan (or 10) that you want. #2 Find 1 or 2 cards per scan from my want lists. #3 comment on this post. SIMPLE!

REMEMBER, new scans will replace the ones traded each week until I get through all of them.

Let's get started with the first 10 scans, and yeah they do get better as they go along meaning the end (say scans in the 60s and 70s) is pretty darn cool, if I must say so.

Scan 1.

Starting off with an odd set Fleer Hardball.

Scan 2.

Keeping with the Disc momentum.

Scan 3.

This was really a very sweet insert set.

Scan 4.

For you Dodger lovers out there.

Scan 5.

I probably should have broke these into two groups, but this is where I decided that for future scans.
Angel fans how about a lil Smokey Bear?

Scans 6through 9  . gone

Scan 10.

Three from 1995 Post.


  1. If only those discs had Brewers...but if they did, you'd have probably sent them my way already!

    I need to be on the lookout for inexpensive Braves here for you.

    1. I dont mind the expensive stuff too, lol.... remember the scans will be changing and there are some really nice inserts before we are all said and done.

  2. Alright I'm gonna go dig for cards to send you for scans 6, 7, 8, and 9. Stand by...

    1. Pulled these:
      94D - 46, 101
      93Classic - NNo
      96CC - 458
      93Ultra - 301, 306
      93Leaf - 11, 104, 121
      95Emotion - 101, 102, 103, 104, 105, 107, 108

    2. done! email me tom.... jfmjr1 at aol dot com

      you must have the smokey bear cards already, huh?