Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Bustin Packs part 2

2013 Panini Hometown Heroes.

4 for the PCs.

2 packs in and already hitting dupes, 2 for the PCs including a zipcode.

3 for the PCs, hope to get another Schmidt for the Bubble Gum Binder, and check out that Grace zipcode..

A Brave and a zipcode on that Cole.

1 PC insert

Got the Bubble Gum, and insert, and 2 other PCs

A PC insert plus 2 more.

1 PC.

3 for the PCs including a zipcode.

Pedroia disc is cool.

Trout insert and 1 new for the PCs.

2.5 for the PCs, Don't ask.

A PC Brave, zipcode Tino, plus 3 more for the PCs.

3 PCs.

Brave, and Brett for a PC.

4 for the PCs including the insert.

2 for the PCs, including the zip, but why do most use the States initials, and others use the actual zip?

4 keeper. The Maddux, is a dupe but will find its way into the Maddux binder, Puig RC.

Best pack yet.

2 PC guys.

Doubled up on Puig, Cal, and Wainwright. so new ones for my PCs.

2 new for the PCs.

Another 1.5, lol.  includes the Orel insert and Heyward (not a PC guy, but need him for the team set).

A Brave, Bagwell, and a PC insert.

Thats it. Will show the Cooperstown cards on Thursday. Tomorrow has a little different twist to the WACKY theme.


  1. Always love me some Hometown Heroes. Where else am I going to find a card of Jody Davis these days?

  2. Replies
    1. consider it yours AJ. I wish I had stuck it in with the Tinos I mailed you yesterday, LOL.

    2. also, it is the state version, not the actual zip code, but either way. LMK when you get the PWE, pretty sure I stuck it in there already.

  3. The zip codes are the rarer of the inserts. The state foils fall 5 per box. The zip code foils are one per box.