Saturday, June 20, 2015

Card show Post #5 and a HIDDEN CONTEST inside.

Two for one. The Hidden Contest is mine, keep reading. This is a pimp for another contest
click read, and enter.   waiting til next year contest

I have always like the number 5. It was my first baseball jersey number with the Kennesaw (GA)Warriors in 1977 (we were the undefeated champions that year).

Just jerseys and a hat, no baseball pants. We played in Jeans. Memories, wow.

Anyways, I like the number 5. Ever wonder why coins (penny and nickel) are bigger than the dime?  Just curious, my mind is goofy at times but I prefer it that way keeps me interesting if to no one else but myself. LOL.

Back to the show cards , in fact everything else you will see from this show came from Bob vendor 1.

Back drop: Started out with the 5000 count nickel box, pulled 500, she (Val, Bob's wife). knocked off $5. Then I started on the quarter boxes. Bob only brought 3 baseball and 1 football inside the show (of the 55 quarter boxes he had on his truck). I tried my best, but you guys know how I look at cards from every angle, every which way, at least most of the time. Darned if I couldn't even finish the last row of the first box. I managed to pull another 1800 cards, which I bought 900 of those. I set aside 900 for the upcoming show July 4th.  After all, that was 1430 cards, oh yeah and my pockets were empty. LOL.

Bob worked out a deal with me, it took a little while, including that I would be back to the next show.
Bottom line I got those 900 for a fraction over a nickel a piece. Quarter box. (20 for a $1), WOWSER! There wasn't just crap in that box either as you will see for the next Week or two (trying to wrap up this series before the next show). Being that all of the non vintage singles, non Kelloggs, and non Hostess cost a nickel they are all mixed together.

The 1959 Bequer did come from the actual nickel box.

More random cardboard goodness. Pretty soon you will see scans grouped by specific player.
Archives for .05!

The UD Classics in 2005 looked nice.

While perusing the cards after I got home, I realized that I hadn't been as thorough as I normally would be. So many oddballs were in fact not oddballs, they were inserts. For instance:

2006 Topps Rookie of the Week  a 25 card insert set and I wound up with 13 from the box 1 dig.   It is time for a contest.... From now until the end of the this series write down who you see a card from that RC of the Week set, look it up see what number from the set it is, and when this is all over, the first to get all 13 numbers correct will when a vintage prize pack.  Should be fun, and the winner should be a happy camper.

No, that is not a 1957 Brooks Robinson, lol. Do you believe these cost .05? That Munson is so sweet!

The cards on top row that look like a stamp are nice, I may have to build the set. 1994 Archives, SP Legendary cuts.  Will stop here for today. See ya tomorrow!


  1. Great looking cards for a bargain!

  2. Yeah, I really like those SP Legendary Cuts cards that look like a stamp too. They are from what -- 2009? I seem to run across them reasonably frequently, so let me know if you decide to build the set!

    1. Tony, I am pretty sure I want to build all of those Legendary Cuts sets. My problem is that many of them will require 2 of each, lol. And jtlyk.... I am trying to fill that box up. Almost there.

  3. Incredible haul for a nickel a piece! Love the Bill Dickey and the Munson especially. Once the series is over, how do we submit our list to you for the contest?

    1. On the last post of this series, there are instructions. But to put it out there now, be the first to correctly submit in the comments on that post all 13 numbers.

  4. Not bad at all for a nickel per, and I spy a Hoyt!

  5. Damn, nice scores esp for a nickle. i'm from Kennesaw too!

    1. I was there from December 76 until December 77, moved to Bremen for a few years then headed south to Ocilla. I was wondering what your GA connection was.