Sunday, June 28, 2015

Ahhhh! The LAST post from My first Card Show in Twenty years.

THIS IS THE LAST POST OF THE SERIES. Don't forget about the HIDDEN contest. You are looking for the (13) 2006 Topps Rookie of the Week inserts HIDDEN OVER THE 11 POSTS FROM THE JUNE 6TH CARD SHOW. I snagged 13 of the 25. You need to lmk all 13 numbers I pulled. First with the correct answers WINS some vintage goodies!

I chose this contest format, because I know from reading so many blogs, that many of you like doing a little research. But, I did want to keep it simple enough to make it an easy one. Again, first one with the correct 13 numbers from the insert set to comment on THIS post is the winner. 

The last 6 scans.

Another Arod.

Surely, you folks didn't think I was going to make 11 posts, and not include some BRAVES. I want/NEED 6 more copies of that 1996 Pinnacle checklist. That 1998 Score Andruw is the Team set version (notice the Logo).

That Glavine would make an awesome Saturday Shadow Shot! What do you see?

Come on, Elmer Fudd wearing a Braves cap, I had to get it. Love the "Davy Lopez" card too.

I don't know if that super shiny signing Andruw is the Spectrum or which one of the other parallels, I know it is one of them.  Nice bat barrel too!

There you have it. The best apx. 500 cards from the first card show I've been to in twenty years. I am heading back on July 4th. This time I have to grab some stuff for Night Owl, something ( and 10k for me too). Technically, he is why I landed there in the first place, low and behold I brushed away looking for him and focused on me.  Dab nab it, I'm so selfish. But my Player Collections thank me. I also hope to meet up with fellow blogger/trader Jeff at the show. 

If in fact I am successful grabbing 10K cards I promise to only highlight a couple of posts. Okay, no more than 1 weeks worth.  lmao.


  1. I tried to keep up. Here's my guess: 2 - Barry Bonds
    9 - Brooks Robinson
    14 - Cal Ripken
    15 - Tom Seaver
    16 - Johnny Bench
    20 - Ozzie Smith
    22 - Tony Gwynn

    1 & 25- Mickey Mantle
    3 - Roger Clemens
    10 - Harmon Killebrew
    13 - Ichiro
    21 - Rickey Henderson

    1. I only saw the first seven I listed, I thought maybe the rest were 'hidden' since you got cards of those players.

    2. Tim - I only saw those seven as well and your guesses are the same six I would have picked based on the posts.

      Johnny - Thanks for the contest. Major card show haul!

    3. Tim you (and Mark) are correct on the 7. 3 of the 6 guesses are also correct. Not bad guess work. However you missed a couple of the BIG clues. Still though as Maury would say "Tim......YOU ARE the WINNER... Post coming very shortly.

    4. A win is a win, even if it's kinda by default. Thanks for the contest John! You had a really great show!

    5. That wasn't by default. It was a set up from the get go. LOL. And you did pretty darn good (10/13) even though the odds were STACKED against you. Had to guess the correct combination of 6 out of 12 remaining cards. I was impressed.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Tony, Still haven't quite filled that box yet, a little more room, hoping to see some stuff at Saturdays' show.

  3. Nice haul, I already feel like I won a contest from you so i'm going to bow out. 10k at one show! I gotta see this

    I really like that Sain S/P card, he doesn't seem to get any love in modern sets.

    1. Sain also had the distinction of being the last pitcher to face Babe Ruth[1] in a game and the first in the Major League to throw a pitch against Jackie Robinson.[2]

    2. It is going to be a VERY tough task, but I am up for it. Have no idea how many I will get pulled but that is my goal. looking forward to seeing ya there. As for Sain, Make it Rain! JK. I don't like rain during the day, lol.

    3. Nah, I didn't send you anything. Now, Tim there, he just got a box, lol. Dropped a big BOMB on him, one that goes BOOM.

    4. I just found it in my mailbox yesterday. Haven't had the chance to open it yet. I can't wait!