Friday, June 26, 2015

The Last Franken Friday for the year!

Well folks we made it to the end of the book. These are the last 7 cards I have in the binder.

Page 98: I have 3 cards on this page.

Card # 875

Card # 880

Card # 882

Page 101: I have just this one card # 901

Page 102: One card again # 910

Page 104: Again 1 card # 929

And the very last card is #1010, No idea what page this would be.

From time to time I will update on new additions to this set, but that will be a rarity. So until I either start a new Franken-Set or Next year gets here faster than I would like (I will just be showing 2 pages each Friday next year that way it lasts all year long). Should be nice to see all of those pages that were filled in this year.   So for now..................That's all Folks!

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  1. This series has inspired me to start my own Franken-Set - I'm working on finishing the first few pages this week and should have something to post soon!