Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Bustin Packs: The Trilogy is now complete

Okay so maybe there isn't a movie in the making here, but it is time for the third and final of the bustin packs. Up to bat is the 2013 Cooperstown.

Color in the very first pack. I do like that there is a Colgan's Chip in every pack.

No color, but did get an insert of Mr. Cub!

Green. Am I the only one thinking that this might be the last year we have Yogi?

Orange, and an insert. I wasn't to crazy about the historic tickets.

A Gwynn insert, not overly excited with the museum pieces either.


Mr. Spahn on an insert, I'll take it.

A Green Cobb. Its hard to believe that is a $6 card. Then again so was that Orange Munson.

Whoa Nellies.

More Green.

Now that is an insert. Wood!

Another insert. No opinion of this insert set.

More Green. But I like it.

More color and an insert in one pack.

Back to back double hits.  That Red Gehrig is $10, and the Schmidt is $5.

An insert, info is good, but front design stinks. Good news is the Brett is $6 card/disc.

A very sweet Blue to go with the other Hunter.

I am good with the Induction inserts.

A pair of inserts for the third time.

Nice Rizzy.


Last pack:

Much better card front on that numbers game insert $4, and look a $5 double Schmidt disc. Not a bad last pack.

Out of the three Panini "box equivalent" sets I busted (24 packs each) Cooperstown by far was the most satisfying. To think I could have busted open some of that 90s stuff I have sitting in the closet. I am going to bust those, just not gonna be posting them.  I also got 4 free packs with my D & A order.

Not a bad pack for a sucky set.

Ooh, an extra card/sticker in this case.

I think I can call that a Brave, LOL.

These things are so Cheesy a kid from WI wouldn't want to play with them, just kidding (about the WI thing). I am going to have to get a whole box of these just to see how bad they all are and post em on a Wacky Wednesday.

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