Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Trade Me Tuesday 4 new scans...

Thanks to Tom over at Angels in Order we have 4 new scans this week.

REFRESHER:  #1 Pick a scan (or 10) that you want. #2 Find 1 or 2 cards per scan from my want lists. #3 comment on this post. SIMPLE!

REMEMBER, new scans will replace the ones traded each week until I get through all of them.

They do get better as they go along meaning the end (say scans in the 60s and 70s) is pretty darn cool, if I must say so.

Scan 1.

Starting off with an odd set Fleer Hardball.

Scan 2. taken

Scan 3.

This was really a very sweet insert set.

Scan 4.

For you Dodger lovers out there.

Scan 5. taken

Scan 10.

Three from 1995 Post.

Scan 11. taken

Scan 12.

Scan 13.

Scan 14.

Let's trade.


  1. Me again. I need that Rite Aid Wally Joyner so I'll take scan 11. I dont suppose the empty box is available?

    1. no box, sorry. But scan 11 is yours, just hit up the want list with a card or two.

  2. Is scan 2 and scan 5 still available? I'm sure I can find you some cards to send you in return.

    1. scan 2 & 5 are yours, email me your address. just hit up the want list with a card or two per scan. jfmjr1@aol.com