Friday, June 19, 2015

Franken-Friday: Doubling up Pages 91-96

The next few pages are slimmer than slim.

Page 91: 3/5.. Need #s 812 & 815

The winner on this page is definitely the GOLD Javy!

Page 92: 1/4 Need #s 820, 822, and 828

Page 93: 1/5  Need #s 829, 832, 835, 836

Normally this would be it for today, but being there was only 5 cards in total of those 3 pages we will show another 3 pages (4 cards).

Also noting, that even though I had just added those "NO BRAVES" I have since slid one of those Fleer sticker/Braves logo cards into those slots also. I like that look better.

Page 94: 1/4  Need #s 838, 839, and 844

Glavine wins.. lol.

Page 95: 1/4 Need #s 850, 851, 853

Page 96: 2/5  Need #s 856, 862, and 863

I probably should have just cropped the the cards that I had for these pages. That is what I WILL do for the remaining 7 cards that I have in the Franken-Set. So next week is it for the this SERIES. It shall be retired, at least temporarily until I start up another Franken-Binder. This one was tough, and NEAR impossible  to complete. About 1/3 of the cards #s I need are either 1/1s or less than 10 copies of available of just one card. Another 1/3 have just 1 card available though not limited, so I will update when I get one for this binder, but that is it.

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