Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Splurge part 3

I am getting yancy about finishing this series of posts, so that I can get on to the next one...

A couple of shiny cards.

A couple of "non" shiny cards. That is not to say these are dull by any means.

Actually out of habit I grabbed about 10 of these 71s, and I only needed the Tillman, just the tiniest flaw bottom left corner.

I'm sure you've seen enough of this set, but I hadn't shown the Mathews.

Grabbed these Purple Fx parallels too. Normally I wouldn't have picked up the Estrada, but obviously I didn't look to good at it.  I thought it was a Braves card.  These are serial numbered to 150.

These were not part of the "Splurge", but I picked up 3 packs each of the Kelloggs stickers, Pacific, and the Dennys for a quarter a pack.  

Nothing spectacular in those packs. I did need the Sheffield and Belle cards though. Gubicza has a rosin bag, so it's a keeper too.

Back to the "Splurge", well a teaser for the final post (tomorrow).

Yes,  JBF I set aside that Willinghammer!  We will wrap up this series tomorrow night again the above scan is just a tease.

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  1. Oooh, those Kelloggs sticker packs are sweet. Never seen those before. I'll have to look for the Angels sticker now.