Friday, June 12, 2015

Franken Friday Pages 88-90

It's the weekend, and my oldest daughter (she is one week younger than Nick) is coming to see me tomorrow, an early Father's Day visit, which I don't mind after all she lives 4.5 hrs away. She's taking me to Long Horns for a Renegade Steak, I like how spicy they are, well, spicy isn't the right word more of I like the spices used.  Anyways, let us get to the next 3 pages (there aren't many left) of the Franken-Set Binder.

Page 88: complete 7/7

No repeat sets, that's good, no repeat players, also good, and no vintage not so good. But hey it is complete and I can live with that. Tough call for my favorite of this page. There are only two competitors anyways. Avery and the NO NO. Both of these have a triplicate in mini collection binders also.

Page 89: 3/5     Need card #s 800 and 801.

I will give this one to Kelly, that is still a bat barrel.. LOL.

Page 90: 1/6  Need #s 803, 804, 807, 808, and 809.

Mmhh, ah em another tough one. I think, no not sure, yes, definitely giving this one to Millwood. Wait a minute. On second thought, no never mind. Millwood takes the prize, I mean just look at that grimace.

Have a great weekend.

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