Wednesday, June 17, 2015

My first Card Show in 20 yrs: post #4

Mixing a little vendor 1 & 2 here. Another vintage food issue. I figure we might as well stay with the sugary (sort of) snack.

1970 year 1. This was the first year for Kelloggs and was its largest set (75).  Cracking, I know but no way was I passing on these. Some of these wound up only costing me a nickel each, of course some were no wheres close to that. 10% of the set in one swoop, rather two scoops.  Never mind, that's Raisin Bran, but still it is a Kelloggs cereal. LOL.

2 cracked and 2 not.

Oliver is pretty good shape. LOL

Reggie and Sanguillen aren't too bad. Reggie definitely was NOT a nickel, which btw the nickel is the basis for my quarter box posts coming (should be starting on Saturday).

I'm in tears looking at the scans. No I'm not. I've always said I would rather have a card in any condition that not have one at all.

Finally a Brave and the only Kelloggs Brave of the day.

Corn Flakes, not sugary.  I will say that I would have preferred they all be the same size, but it is what it is. these are in pretty good shape too.


  1. wow - you're going all out at this card show! These Kelloggs cards are great.

  2. Each post about this show has been incredible! Can't wait for the quarter boxes post!

  3. Great group of Kellogs. That first group of cards you showed are 71's

  4. Snap... Crackle... and Pop! Sweet Kellogg's.