Saturday, June 20, 2015

POST 9 That same ole card show, but not the same ole cards!

HUGE REMINDER: don't forget about the HIDDEN contest. You are looking for the 2006 Topps Rookie of the Week inserts. I snagged 13 of the 25. You need to lmk all 13 numbers I pulled on the last post of the series. First with the correct answer WINS some vintage goodies!

Wow, another page of Gwynns. Keep in mind, that what I've scanned is not all that I grabbed. Just the best of the lot.

Some M(a)c attack.

The Piazza binder needed a boost too.

And it got one.

See, I told you.

Yeah, this is just one page of the Griffeys I grabbed. What better place to leave off than right here.   But before I go, that first Jr, you know the one.... Balloon that looks like bubble gum, highlighted by The Junior Junkie blog. I hadn't owned it (now I have two), and I have wanted it ever since I first read TJs' blog. I did put one of the copies in with the Bubble gum binder as that is the card that me want to collect them as a mini collection.


  1. Classic Griffey card right there. And some of those Piazza inserts are extremely cool. The Sketch one grabbed me.

    1. is it okay to give that dealer your info re: the Griffey's