Monday, June 1, 2015

Bustin Packs. part 1 of 3

Last week I mentioned that I had gotten a little yancy, bored even (see upcoming Wednesdays' post). So I placed a few orders, one of which was 3 boxes worth of single packs of 2013 Panini (Prizm, Hometown Heroes, and Cooperstown). Those arrived late Thursday 24 retail packs each.

I had a major itch to bust some packs, so I figured why not open something I never bought before.

Starting with the Prizm for tonight.

pack 1.

Green in the first pack I opened.

pack 2.

Red in the second, starting to get a good feel here. I really wish that they would put more than 4 cards in a pack, that sucks.

pack 3.

No color, but did get an insert and Big papi.

pack 4.

For some reason, I suddenly felt uh oh.

pack 5.

Yeah, 2 in a row no color or insert, but Biggio (HOFer & PC guy) and Halladay were okay.

pack 6.

Ahhh, Red, Arod (something for the PCs), and Didi.

pack 7.

Okay Braun.

pack 8.

Konerko and Cabrera.

pack 9.

Cal and a Brave, yippee. But 3 in a row no color or inserts. The odds are against me.

pack 10.

A Bum Red, Profar RC. Spirits up a bit again.

pack 11.

A pair of Ryne (Ryans)

pack 12.   The half way point.

Stras & Max.

pack 13.

Some dupes.

pack 14.

Another insert.

pack 15.

Red, Joe and Tim. Good pack.

pack 16.

Bryce, and a dupe Biggio.

pack 17.

Feeling down again.

pack 18.

Good pack!

pack 19.

Okay another green.

pack 20.

So so.

pack 21.

Red, and a Brave paralell. (at least he was a Brave, LOL...)

pack 22.

Red, and a Brave. Love the Camo jersey too.

page 23.

Kershaw and Nomar. I can live with it.

Last pack:

Bo for the PC. You know it just dawned on me that I should add Coco to my "Famous Names" mini collection.  DUH!..

Well that was the equivalent of a box bust although I got more Red than Green, which would have been opposite had I actually gotten the box instead of loose packs.

Tomorrow, I will put up the Hometown Heroes, then will have a Wacky Wednesday, and finish up with the Cooperstown on Thursday.


  1. The reds look so PINK, Red Kimbrels gotta look good though.

    How about Maybin in center field?!

  2. Not a bad box...if you were a Brewers collector. LOL. I need to buy a box or two again. My trade bait (especially Braves) is getting low due to #WarWithJBF.