Saturday, June 20, 2015

June 6th Card Show. POST #6

Like I had said yesterday, the remaining posts in this series came from or rather cost a nickel each. As mentioned we will have groups/scans of individual players rather than total randomness. Again, the total cards when we are all done is apx 500 from the first post to the last so about a third of what I got. My PCs (Player Collections) got a HUGE boost from this show, and undoubtedly the next one too. I am going to attempt to snag 10K from the boxes this go around (July 4th). I am taking my 23 year daughter with me to pre-pull Braves cards so that I can focus on two things this time. MY PCs, and cards for NO Greg, which what landed me at this show in the first place. I also need to grab a couple more of those Bowmans too. hehe.

HUGE REMINDER: don't forget about the HIDDEN contest. You are looking for the 2006 Topps Rookie of the Week inserts. I snagged 13 of the 25. You need to lmk all 13 numbers I pulled on the last post of the series. First with the correct answer WINS some vintage goodies!

Oh look, a page of Duke Snider.  Had to pick up that Smoltz, and Glavine even though it pains me to see them (and Maddux) not in a Braves uniform.

Some Carews and Killebrews too!  Sorry Brian, these are in my PCs, although that doesn't mean there won't be dupes in a couple of weeks.

A page of Seaver.

Bench & a couple of Rivera. I did notice that there weren't an abundance of Yanks in the box I went through.

You know I was blown away pulling these cards out of the box, even before I made my deal with the vendor.

Those two 1987 Topps are TIFFANY..... That's right a Rose and a Rickey Tiffany for a nickel each. Man O' man is the number 5 awesome or what?

I put a couple of extra scans in today. The remaining 5 posts will have just 6 scans each. I know this because I am drafting them today.

I wonder what players are showing up tomorrow..................

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