Monday, June 15, 2015

Miscellaneous Cards and I mean that in a GOOD way! Yount Rookie for .99?????

I don't want to fall behind in posting the cards I get in trades, the bay, and elsewhere. So here we have a mix of sorts.

The following cards came courtesy of Brian over at (HSCA) blog.

Very, very shiny.

There's a throwback for the Braves.

Wanted it, needed it, got it!

Needed it, but had no idea how interesting this card would be. Look at it.....Is it a vertical or horizontal card? Not that I really care, one more piece of vintage knocked off the team want list.

My new dilemma is that I am going to see how many flagship (all brands) sets I can build. I'm nuts I know. Set builder, team collector, player collector, mini collector, geez, I need 7 cards of some of these Braves. LOL.  Oh well, at least I will have fun.

 Didn't even know this one was out there.

On card auto.

Definitely like the SP Legendary sets. May have to add them to the set builds, lol.

A fantastic piece of vintage. Brian could have stopped right there, but no he didn't. Brian decided to help me out (again) with a mini collection that we share.

I was surprised to see Brian letting go of this card because it hits two of his mini collections. Technically 3, I do see a pair of sunglasses on bench coach.

Remember when the Braves totally sucked, I do (lifelong Braves fan here). Chambliss was definitely a bright spot.


I used the card back for this 65 because there is no trophy gracing the front.

Brian polish off this package with some over size.

A pair of 2014 HOF postcards.

And "rounded" it out with this 1971 Super.

This next group, didn't come in a trade, or cost me a penny. All I had to do was pick it up off of the ground.

What a shame, this WAS an INTACT 24 card complete set. I have separated them.  Thank  goodness not all of the cards are damaged or creased. But even those will suffice until an upgrade takes their place.

I thought that everyone knew YOU CAN'T SAY 1ST ANNUAL. Annual is for the second go around and thereafter.

Poor Rickey.

I snagged this Yount Rookie off of Ebay for .99 plus 1.39 shipping.

Yeah, there is a bad corner there, but really.....I was the only one who bid on this genuine 75.
I guess the pen mark on the back discouraged everyone else.

But, not me. Park this one in the LINCOLN Files (with shipping $2.38).  SWEET, especially with Yount being MY main birthday binder guy and not having a rookie yet, this one will do just fine until whenever.

Here's the funny thing, never bought from the seller before, doesn't know me from Adam, no offense Adam.

He sent these 2 extras in. Another Yount, I get that, but a Brave..  LOL

Speaking of Lincoln files, here's another one to the door for $2.24, corrected another .99 win + 1.25 shipping..

The next cards if you will came from Chuck an OCTer. Chuck actually sent two packages lately, but the first one got put away without being scanned. I do that from time to time.

These being on my want list, I hadn't actually seen them before today. They're really bookmarks. Chuck sent along 7 of them (I didn't scan Justice). The back are pretty cool.

I'm tired. 4 new scans in tomorrow's TMT!


  1. Nice deal on that Yount, what's that Freeman called? I need that card.

    1. it's from 2014 Topps Archives - 1971 Hockey design. The card # is 71H-FF

  2. Nice deal on that Yount, what's that Freeman called? I need that card.

  3. I'd love to snag a '75 Yount for that cheap one day.

  4. I've wanted to add that Yount for cheap, even in real beat up shape, and it doesn't happen so often ! so that's a really, really great deal

  5. Whoops! Sorry John, I sent you a PWE today and I just realized that I included a couple Rookie Cups that I just sent you in the package above... I had the doubles set aside but had a brain lapse and packed them thinking they were somewhere else.... Oh well, hopefully they will be useful in trade with other Rookie Cup, Cleveland, Texas, Chambliss, and/or Hargrove fans.
    Congrats on the Yount Rookie! one of the iconic cards of the 70s, great deal!

    1. No worries, I can just pop em back into my next package to you if you need them back, if not they will help my set builds. jlmk.

    2. Don't need them back, if you have a place for them, that's great! They were in a box of trade bait.