Thursday, February 1, 2024

Short & Sweet

 My internet is still down, I told them over and over it is the blankety blank modem. Anyway they are sending a tech out Friday night. I am posting from my brother's garage as he has got a bug, and I just soon stay clear of those.

Some high end Braves needs. I still have to update my website want lists, but hey I have been having internet issues, lol.

More of the good stuff.

Yeah, I know I bought two of the same dang card. Not the first time (even on this order) and certainly won't be the last either. See the Anderson? Yes, there were others too.

Nope the Albies' are different, one is a bat relic.

As you can tell I count different colored swatches as different cards.

I doubled up on that Tucker large square swatch too, but didn't scan the other one. Yet, there are still more. I'll stop here for tonight and resume hopefully Wednesday.


  1. Did you leave any Braves HITZ behind? :)

    I've accidently had two or more of the same cards in COMC orders before, but's it's always turned to a happy accident.

  2. Same card with different color swatches...very cool.

  3. I had an internet scare the other day -- came home after a long night of work and it was down, down and so was I. Fortunately the next morning it was back. Good luck ... That's a lot of relics.

  4. Some really nice cards there. More relics than I will ever have. Staying clear of any of the bugs is a great idea. There are a bunch of them going around. Internet problems are a pain especially when you know what needs to be done and have to wait for a technician. Hopefully you get back online soon.

  5. Johnny just casually dropping Tom Glavine autos in the middle of a scan!

  6. Hope your brother feels better soon... and your internet is up and running by the end of the day.