Friday, February 23, 2024

I got my Friday back!

 Well, I will after tonight's post. The last of the current Franken-Set! I'm not sure when I will start it back up. I do have 1 (technically 2) I'm working on or was working on when I got deep into another project. I was having a blast with that one too and look forward to one day getting it scanned up and start posting it. It is still in the "data gathering" stage. So I will have to get back on that one soon and meanwhile I have no clue what I will be posting on Fridays in the meantime. I do have plenty to cover for posts for awhile so I should be good.

Here we go, the last of the 1-2-3's.

DONE!  Now an update on the bubble gum. I've looked over the weekly winners and I just don't think Bevacqua is going to get beat. You know who you voted for each week, so if want I can pull them out of the binder and have one last post to vote for the best of the best bubbles. It wouldn't be a problem, I just think Kurt has a solid position.


  1. Your bubble gum collection was very impressive... but I would be surprised if someone unseats Bevacqua. That Khris Davis is cool. Pretty sure I saw an A's bobble head with him saluting at the flea market a few weekends ago.

  2. Got a few Twins in this one. Also a Carew in an Angels uniform. Have a great weekend.

  3. I was about to comment No Rangers when I saw Colby Allard.

    As far as the bubble gum goes, the Bevacqua is a classic and is going to be hard to beat. Pretty sure that I voted for another one just hoping to give it some competition, but that's not to be.