Monday, February 19, 2024

Happy Presidents Day ! Post 4: Sets Sets

 To think that I am only hitting the half way mark with this post.

This one is a complete set from 2004. 

Here you can see where President Taft started the tradition of the President throwing out the first ball. Almost all of the rest below depict that very act.

No idea why they got Jimmy doing his Habitat for Humanity thing, he was (is for now he's getting close to the end) a baseball fan, Braves fan at that.

That is the complete base set. I have 8 and only 8 of the chrome cards. Every single one of these came out of one of those $20.00 monster boxes (3K) of cards I buy and in just one of the boxes too.


Now here is a set from 2015 that let's just say the portraits are more like something from a graphic novel (comic book). It too is a complete set 44 cards plus the header card.

The next two are partial sets, nowhere near complete.

I just pulled the 7 cards above out of a box I grabbed in Jax. a couple of weeks ago.

The next post will have more sets starting with the humorous one I have been teasing with. It combines BASEBALL & political satire. Serious, the entire 36 card set is devoted to it.


  1. I'm happy to see Carter depicted in something he was dedicated to. I worked with Habitat for a while. They have helped many good people. Happy Presidents' Day!

  2. Okay that Presidential Pastime set is kinda nice.

    1. I really like the ones where they are throwing out the baseball.

  3. I have a set of those Presidential Portraits cards... and I've gotta say... the artist's renditions kind of freak me out. By the way... if you need any singles from that Starline Americana set, let me know. I have a bunch of singles from that set.