Thursday, February 22, 2024

Incoming cards.

 I am a little behind a lot of stuff these days. I have been knocking out other projects or putting a major dent in them. Nonetheless, I need to get these out their.

I got this super cool Knucksie from Nick V. last month. Seriously how cool is it? Thanks Nick!

The scans below came courtesy of Fuji.

That Allard is a logo swap auto. How often do you get an on card auto of someone long gone.

Mark also took a chunk of needs out on my Holiday relics. Now I still have to update my want lists especially the Braves. I have about 300 or so that I need to get removed. I may get to that next week not sure if I will finish a couple of the projects that I am doing right now. We'll see.


  1. Nice Holiday relics. Especially the Kepler and Buxton cards.

  2. Never seen those holiday relics before. They look like mini presents.

  3. Love those old Upper Deck "A Piece of the Game" relics. They had a great checklist at a time when it was still rare to get a relic card.

  4. "I am a little behind a lot of stuff these days." Me too 😉 That Smoltz was your Christmas present that was shipped out two months late. 😂