Wednesday, February 7, 2024

The next round from the ComC Black Friday order.

 Alright, the next batch of cards from the ComC order.

I left off last week with some autos and relics for my Braves collection. Might as well start tonight with another scan of that kind of stuff.

Now for some vintage!

Not your everyday vintage either, at least not for me.

O-pee-chee baby.

I just love looking at the backs of OPC.

Heyward variation SP. The Strider was the last Brave needed for that team set.

The Acuna on top (middle) has a story. 1) it was the last Brave needed for that team set. 2) somehow on Black Friday I added two of them to my cart, oops. The 2 Heritage closed out that team set too. The Harris Big League was the last Brave needed for that team set too. I waited so long for the price to drop before I pulled the trigger.

I'll close the order tomorrow night. 


  1. Glad you finished a few sets. Hopefully if Big League comes back in 2024 they don’t pull the crap they did last year.

  2. For Thea! Who's Thea?

    I guess it's "For the A"

    1. took me a minute to figure out what you were talking about. I believe the #For The Atlanta would be the intention of the ForTheA

  3. I agree the OPC vintage are nice. I will probably be chasing the Acuna for my only set build ever until the very end. I have about 55 SP's left to go. Nice cards in the above group.

  4. Congratulations on completing a bunch of team sets. Love that OPC Rowland Office!

  5. I like the Two Burdette's. The '63 is especially nice with it's colors and background.