Monday, February 19, 2024

Happy Presidents Day! Post 5 of the day. Baseball & political satire all thrown into one. Want to laugh?

 Finally made to the Bush leagues, yes PUN intended. Look below at this complete 36 card (boxed) set.

The cartoons are enough to get some of y'all to crack a grin or smile, but to get a history lesson and reminder of days gone by the backs are shown for full context.

Now don't everyone feel better now that you got a giggle in? Okay one more partial high end set below.

My fingers are getting so tired. I have one already scanned to pop out here shortly and the last two posts for this night ends with a BANG. The 60's Kennedy set (partial, but still a good bit of it).

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  1. I bought that Bush League set last year or maybe the year before... but after looking through it on this post... I can't remember why.