Monday, February 19, 2024

Happy President's Day ! Post 2 of 4 TODAY! The OLD STUFF! Okay so maybe 8 posts today

 With the monologue out of the way let's get right into these cards.

We'll start with the 1952 Bowman U.S. Presidents set. A little history first. In 1956 Topps bought Bowman and reprinted this set. A slight difference on the backs but mainly Bowman used black ink and Topps used blue ink for the text. As for history history you'll have to read the biographies on the card backs.

April Fools! Just kidding wrong holiday. See humor, lol. Donruss, Presidents parallel, ugh! Now for the good stuff.

This set consisted of 36 cards I obviously do not have them all. There were 33 presidents up until that time and because the print sheet was for 36 cards Bowman used 3 historical events.

Now we have the 1972 Topps U.S. Presidents set which is also different, the backs of course plus the set had some 72" candidates included. Again I do not have the complete set, but I do have a wrapper.

Okay now I know that I should have put the set below in between the first two sets, but I didn't want too. LOL.

1965 Topps Embossed is a set that not only consists of President's but inventors and other historical figures. I have only included the President's that I own below.


The backs are blank on this set hence no backs scanned. Also I forgot to mention in post 1 that I do also own actual hard cover books on some Presidents, but I did not include any of those for today.

Next post coming shortly and should have the humorous cards included, and yes there will be another post after that one and probably 5 more in total.


  1. Have the Hoovers from these. Is remarkable how much better the Presidents embossed look compared to the baseball ones.

  2. Nick nailed it. The embossed Presidents came out really nice. Maybe it's because we're used to seeing side portraits of them on coins.

    As for those vintage Topps cards, it would be really cool if they released an updated version. I'd love to see a Ronald Reagan card with that design.