Monday, February 19, 2024

Happy Presidents Day! The re-organization. POST 1 of 3 TODAY.

 It is that time of the year for my annual Presidents Day post. Lots of old cards and new cards too. But first let me set the foreground. 

Many of you who have followed this blog for the last decade know where I stand on politics. However, I most certainly do NOT believe a persons' politics defines who they are as a person. Nope, it is just 1 thing of a gazillion things that define a person. I do not hold anyone's political beliefs against them, no I do NOT judge people that way. People are entitled to their own opinions in every thing. We have opinions about baseball cards. Some like them old, some like them new, some like plastic others cardboard, some even like shiny. We all have our opinions and none of them say what kind of a person we are. We can disagree and it is OKAY!

Now with that said I may form an opinion on someone, not by their politics but their interaction/dealings with me. Or their actions that I witness. I also love humor and feel that the highest level of humor is sarcasm. Others may have the OPINION that is the opposite. Me, I live for it. I could bust someone's chops all day long, not to be cruel but having fun. I'd never leave someone hanging too long (some people never get it). 

I can't stand BS literally, but I do love to BS. there is a difference when pranking someone and outright lying. One is intentionally wrong used to mislead or whatever and the other is just a gag. Again, I  don't leave anyone hanging on too long (if they don't catch on). Why do I mention humor and politics together? Simple I can bust anyone's chops to my full enjoyment. Politically left and right. Tonight's post is a long one, including some for humor, lots and lots of cards of all kinds here tonight. 

I have reorganized the scans (I re-scanned most) to get them in somewhat of a sequence. It is not perfect, but I think it is better than years past. I even have non card items and I will kick start the scans/posts with some of those then let the education begin. In other words I have a HUGE Presidential collection and could easily make posts all week. Instead I will make separate post all today/tonight. That breaks it up and provides an opportunity to clear your head before reading the next post.

Pretty sure I got these from Uncle Fred. Same for the scans below.

For those who weren't around I posted the articles from all of these in the past. There were baseball players too along with other interesting people of the past. Tonight you are just getting the covers.

Now for some "bigger" magazines and books. But only a few all pertaining to the assassination of JFK. 

And the last four are LOOK covers. I will make at least two more posts tonight with cards.

Okay that is round 1. You history lover's, civics, humanities, and vintage card enthusiasts get ready for the next two rounds. There might be a 4th, not sure as I re-scan them we'll see and I will let you know.

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  1. Those coins are really cool. My dad would have appreciated those. He had a small collection of presidential coins. Maybe one day I'll get around to pulling them out, photographing them, and writing up a post.