Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Wacky Wednesday : 1974 series 5

The last 7 days flew by. It seems like a couple of days since I posted series 4.

I have what I call a complete set. There are 33 stickers but that includes the "CRAM MAGGIE" version of the Cram sticker. I do NOT have the Maggie version. I have the rest and in some cases both * and ** variations. I also do not have a wrapper, pack, or the puzzle. Only tan backs released for this series. Stickers I have, yes I do.

Every sticker in this set is valued at $4.00 each, except for the Cram Maggie, which is so scarce it carries no set value.

The big deal about the Cram Maggie sticker is how the die cut is. Oh and that it was pulled with only a handful escaping.

As you can see I have quite a few of the * and ** variations.

That's a wrap. Hope you enjoyed.


  1. These are the stickers I've been focusing on lately, have several of them with more on the way (hopefully, *ahem* comc).

    I don't know how you keep track of the variations, I'm just happy with one sticker of each.

  2. Lots of great products in this run. My favorite stickers would be the Hot Wheels, Old Spice, Malboro, and Charms candy.

    1. Mark, don't you want to grab the fifth spot for tomorrow night?

    2. If you need someone, I'll fill it. I just don't like taking up spots that others could enjoy. What time should I be ready to play? I'll set an alarm on my phone.

    3. Done. My guess is around 8ish pm my time, 5ish your time.

    4. alarm set. i'm ready to go