Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Incoming (part 2)

Yesterday I posted up some of the cards I've gotten in lately. Been getting carried away a bit on the Sportlots thing, other too for that matter. Here ARE a lot more from everywhere including some from bloggers Adam & Kevin.

Arpsmith (Adam) sent me these three beauties for my set build. Ernie was an upgrade. Very cool of Adam to send them, but he didn't stop there.. 

Oh no, check out these puppies.  And I now have my FIRST BINGO qualifier. Looks like it may be July for the first round of Bingo, it's been slow getting Braves. Remember folks 2 Braves from my want list to get a bingo card. Adam knocked it out of the park with these 3.

Then along came Kevin with a 4-pack. He makes into the first TWO Bingo nights! kevin even slipped a note in saying he was trying to buy his way in. Well......it worked!   I'll e-mail you two folks your Bingo card/s if I haven't already done so.

Next up and our stopping point for part 2 (there will be a part 3 this week).

My first 2020 Braves stickers. Courtesy of another Sportslot seller.

Some PC guys from SL.

More (SL) Braves stickers plus Alonso and Cutch atop. I still have 3 more sticker to go. Who am I kidding, I already got them in, but they'll have to make another post. 

See ya!

P.S. Still need 7 count them 7 more BFG players for THIS month!!!!!!!!


  1. I forgot all about the Bingo, I'll have to see if I have anything you need.

  2. Wow. A 1994 Finest refractor? A 1997 Bowman Chrome refractor too? Very nice.