Thursday, May 21, 2020

The latest and greatest

Let's start with some news. BFG news.....Next week still needs 5 players. Yes all 5 players for the fifth Friday game of the fifth month. Sportlots news....I've been getting tons of cards in lately. Enough so much that I have to curb myself. I currently have 400 cards sitting in my cart there. 9 deals en-route currently, and I have yet to show off the last batch from 8 sellers. We will see some of them tonight.

Cheap Chippers.

More Chippers. I obviously loaded up on him.  That last card is called a Flapper card, who knew? The card above is a tattoo which absolutely makes ZERO sense to me.

I needed all of these Chippers for my Braves Collection. See just how easy it is to hit my Braves want lists. Just takes 2 cards to qualify for a Bingo game......  let's get them rolling in.

Here we have a whole lot of color. Some yellow cards. Also the last two 2020 Topps Stickers I needed to complete that set.


  1. I'm putting myself on a Sportlots timeout as well. Placed an order weeks ago and I'm still waiting on two of the packages. :(

    1. I haven't had a problem with getting my orders. Just I've been doing so much. I think once I ship what's in my cart now (400 cards) I will be cool off for awhile.

    2. That's good. I'm hoping they eventually show up. Holding out on filing a claim until at least 6 weeks due to the current situation we're facing.

  2. I've actually been thinking about doing a Sportlots order too, probably won't be as massive as your hauls though :)