Thursday, May 14, 2020

Incoming: Part 3 - All Over the Place

Happy to get this post done. I have so much stuff rolling in these days, that It is hard to keep up with it. Well, for scanning purposes that is, and from who. I'll finish up the stuff I kept up with in this post. As for the last two orders from Sportlots and other various incoming cards, they will just get posted as per my "old normal". All at once for the most part.

One of the last 3 stickers I needed for 2020. Logo Swap Melancon.

2020 Tribute.

4 of the 5 Braves in the 2020 Bowman 1st Edition. I still need Pache.

Career and Milestone parallels.

The 100 and On Fire parallels.

2020 Topps Total (wave 1 I guess). All of the above came from 1 Ebay seller.

The Topps Total below are from 2019 and came from Cardbarrel.

I picked up all but 2 of the 2019 Braves. I left those 2 behind so I could save a buck on the pair. I kind of wish I hadn't because I think the other 2 I bought from ComC, so it will be awhile before I get them in my hands. Speaking of which I have 200+ cards ready to ship over there, dang it. My impatience is starting to show.

This lot came from a Sportslot seller. The 2 donruss cards are for my set build.

These 3 63's came from Jim Craig over at OCT as a surprise for my Braves team. I'll have to upgrade the RC's and Burdette but that is okay with me as any card that you get that you didn't have is a WIN!

This is the 2020 Topps 582 Montgomery sticker release set that I picked up from OPC baseball.

Obviously the Glavine has been pulled for my Braves collection as well as the Glavine PC.  I'm not impressed with the stickers and I could leave it at that. But I won't..... there is no uniformity to the "cut" the cards are not all the same size. Something else that I find extremely stupid on Topps behalf is the fact that the special box is an absolute waste of time and money. Please Topps, lay off the unnecessary and lower the cost of  the product. The player selection is okay as all are in my PC with the exception of Roberts and Hoerner. Those 2 are keepers as well as they hold the RC icon.

So, while I was at OPC baseball I figured I'd get my shipping value and picked up this lot.

Put a HUGE dent in that set build. Heck, that is the real starter set as I only had about 6 or 7 to begin with. Two of which were duplicated in this lot, but 1 was an upgrade for the one I had and both extras go into the Teddy PC.

These 3 came from Trevor (BnR) for the BINGO game. I already had the Albies, but needed the other 2 Braves.   That is it for tonight. We now have 3 players for the first round of Bingo, come on guys I want to get about 10 people in the game. Round 2 already has a player. SEND ME THOSE BRAVES!

BFG UPDATE: Still need 3 players for next weeks game and need all 5 for the last Friday of the month.  Batting order again as a reminder.

Jeff S., Alex M, SCC, Jafronious, and Brett. Kick off is no later than 7pm. Thirty minutes max between plays.


  1. Looks like I'll have to check out Cardbarrel one more time. I'd love to own a complete 2019 Topps Total A's team set, but I don't want to spend $30 on eBay to do it. I miss the days when Topps Total was an affordable product.

    1. They're still a 1.50 per card at CB.

    2. Yeah. With the Laureano at $4.50 and it being a 31 card set... it's too rich for my blood. Oh well... I really do like the card design.

  2. Wow that Burdette card is fantastic. Sending you a few Braves shortly.