Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Wacky Wednesday: 1973 series 3 ORIGINALS

Welcome back to the Wednesday party. time to get a little Wacky.

I have the complete 30 sticker set in tan backs including both versions of the Spit and Spill (bringing it to 31 stickers). I also have both *, ** of Beanball.

This is the blank lid of the Spit and Spill, my rarer one (also the toughest and most expensive of this set) is also back home and concerns me like my series 2 set. My back is literally killing me the past couple of days, so forgive me for not cropping the stickers by themselves. Besides the missing Spit and Spill, the next tough one is Dr. Ono. I do not have the puzzle, wrapper, or unopened pack....yet. That is about all of the commentary I can do right now.



  1. The Beanball might just be my favorite WP card of all-time. Is one version rarer than the other?

  2. I'm fairly certain Series 3 were the first Wacky Packages I ever opened.